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© Miranda Watkins
Miranda Watkins

1967 - 2020

With her distinctive fusion of minimalist refinement and structural precision, interdisciplinary British designer Miranda Watkins, created unique, innovative designs for contemporary spaces. Entirely adaptable across space and scale, her designs comfortably bridge the boundaries between design and art. The scale, finish and materials used are often adapted to create unique, site specific commissions from domestic settings to grand-scale public spaces.

For bespoke enquiries or further information please email studio@ramshaw-watkins.co.uk

Miranda designed objects that are thought provoking, visually engaging, often tactile, sometimes playful and always pleasing to use as well as to look at. She had the deepest respect for skill and technique, often working closely with local, highly skilled craftsmen and engineers. Miranda strived to create beauty in her designs, from which she hoped to derive simple everyday pleasure for those who own a piece of her work.

The complete collection comprises her trademark dynamic kinetic mobiles, elegant light installations, furniture, tabletop products and jewellery. Miranda’s understanding of materials was key to her working process and contributes to the compelling beauty of her objects, while also being specific to their function. Whether hand crafted or precision engineered, all materials are high-grade and flawlessly hand finished in British workshops.

© Miranda Watkins
Established in 2003, Miranda Watkins Design is based on the River Thames in central London, from where Miranda worked with clients around the world, enjoying great diversity, from creating site-specific artworks to consulting on mass manufactured products for global brands.

Miranda collaborated with interior designers and architectural practices on an array of international, site-specific projects for private and corporate clients in USA, Japan, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Dubai and Europe.

She also worked as a design consultant and developed successful collaborations with manufacturers and retailers on a broad range of projects, including lighting, product and jewellery design. Clients include: Calvin Klein, Swatch, Burberry, Heal’s, Universal Music Group and Wallpaper*.

Miranda has exhibited internationally, with work placed in permanent collections including: The Royal Institute of British Architects, London and The Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

For more information, please contact studio@ramshaw-watkins.co.uk

Photography – Special thanks is given to Graham Pym in particular for the majority of images on this site.

Other photographers – Philip Sinden, Richard Davies, Marcos Bevilacqua, Prudence Cumming.

Copyright for all designs and images belongs to Miranda Watkins (Miranda Watkins Design Ltd) a member of ACID.